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Budget Office Roadmap

Budget Office 2007 – Late May

  • Four year old code updated. Improved the design of the database. Modernised the interface
  • Referral Date and Name
  • The ability to created dated history notes
  • Updated charting component
  • Redesign of the check statistics screen to make it more functional
  • Change to the family entry screen to use the data of birth rather than Age which would need to be updated all the time.
  • Backup and Restore changed now floppy drives are a thing of the past
  • Now supports SQL Server 2005
  • Change the report menus to make items easier and more logical grouped
  • Label Printing now works with custom sizes and have more options
  • New combined statistics report which displays but graphic charts and data.
  • Cashflow now carries over the expenses as defaults when you create a new week
  • Worksheet now has a credit card 2 and more blank lines for adding additional expenses
  • SNG replaced with TAS

Budget Office 2007 R1 – Late July

  • Able to add additional "referred by" codes
  • Fields to store info for Total Money Management including bank account details.
  • Budget Plan and who was present
  • Debt Management Improvements
  • New web site for Budget Office
  • Redesign the live update

Budget Office 2007 R2 – Late Oct

  • Address History
  • Store bank account details.
  • New Manual

Budget Office 2008 - Jan 2008

  • Details yet to be confirmed
Product Suggestions

The roadmap is based on customer feedback and suggestions for improving the software. We appreciate all suggestions and try and do what we can to ensure the software appeals to a large audience. If you have a change that would only appeal to your service or is something we are not intending to add to the product there is still the option of funding the development yourself. Just request a quote and we would be happy to help.